Double Bass Of Death: Numa Echos official member of the band

Since June 2017, Numa Echos is an official member of the band “Double Bass of Death” together with Viktor, a poly artist who, under different pseudonyms or with the real name, is the author of 13 books (4 of which translated into different languages), composer and producer of 15 CD of “Poetry in Music”, screenwriter and composer of 7 independent films (including 3 considered “Film of National Cultural Interest” by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage) and founder of several musical bands (Les Fleurs du Mal, MAB, Beer Killer, etc.) with participation in numerous shows both in Italy and abroad, also representing Italian punk-hardcore in foreign festivals. 

“Double Bass of Death” is the result of numerous artistic-musical paths; it is a musical project whose authorial content will constantly allow the creation of audio-visual material. The title of the album released on June 22nd, 2018 is “Faq The System” (Atlantis / The Saifam Group) Concept Album in which the system is questioned. The video of the single “Art” taken from the album has been chosen as “Best Video 2018” in the “underground” section on