NUMA ECHOS Shady World Tour 2019 / BATBOX MOONLIGHT FESTIVAL – Into That Darkness: Death In June special night – Urbino (PU)

NUMA ECHOS SHADY WORLD TOUR 2019 / BATBOX MOONLIGHT FESTIVAL – Into The Darkness: Death In June special night – Urbino (PU)

Live Show: 22.00

Numa Echos SHADY WORLD TOUR (members CSEN 3€  / admittance fee + CSEN card 6€ )

Aftershow: MissLucifer / Cathatonik dj / BLACK ANGEL

@ Circolo Athanor
61029 Urbino (PU)
Strada provinciale per Montefabbri 118

Nova Era Booking and Rechos Records & Promotion are proud to announce the “Shady World Tour 2019” of presentation of “Shady World” LP by Numa Echos,  completely written and produced by Numa Echosand Filippo Scrimizzi, published by Valery Records label, distributed in Italy by Audioglobe  and available on all digital stores.

Numa Echos, polyartist, has been active for years as art director, singer and musician (keyboards, synthesizers), with her “own live shows”, “opening act shows” for other artists (Morgan, Fluon, Quintorigo, etc.) , and with dj sets characterized by audible and non-audible sounds, danceable or melancholy dark rhythms, able to catalyze the most restless and rebellious souls, leading them unconsciously to her creatively crazy and dreamlike world.

Numa Echos is an official member of Double Bass Of Death band since June 2017.

To play live with Numa Echos and her electronic sounds during the “tour” there will be Elia MartiNa, guitar and guitar bass player of the official European Marilyn Manson Tribute who, for the occasion, will intervene with some of his musical interludes and at the electronics Andrea LF, dj and musician.

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