7 GOLD PLUS: Approfondimenti / Numa Echos interview

Asterisco Informazioni presents “APPROFONDIMENTI” by Fabrizio Stelluto

Numa Echos interview on 7 Gold Plus

The Television broadcast will be available on Monday  25th November 2019 at 7.15/7.45/8.15 am 12.15/13.15/19.15/19.45/20.15/21.00/23.30 pm 1.00/1.20/3.45/4.45/6.30 am on 7GOLD PLUS (ch. 92 dgt.)

The Television broadcast will anticipated on  Sunday 24th November 2019  (PILLOLE) at  15.15/20.35 pm 1.25 am on 7 GOLD PLUS (ch. 92 dgt.)

During Numa Echos  interview we will talk about:

– “S-Heaven: Sea of Heaven”(2019, Il seme bianco Editore/ Castelvecchi editore), new book by Numa Echos

– 2019/2020  “Shady World” live tour (2016, Valery Records)

– “Sogni di Lucida-Mente: allusioni e rivelazioni di un io follemente sano” – short film  inedito based on the homonymous book realized in 2018 in memory of Andrea G. Pinketts Official

– Upcoming release of the second Lp “Rimes vs. Cages” by Double Bass Of Death – metal project in which Numa Echos is member from 2017

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