Out now the new episode of “SHINE IN VENICE” audiovisual by NUMA ECHOS exclusively for OlzeTv powered by Sky with a special guest: MORGAN from the location PALAZZETTO PISANI

Out from Friday 3rd December, the new episode of the format “SHINE IN VENICE”, the audiovisual cultural project by NUMA ECHOS, available exclusively on OLZE TV at the link http://www.Olzemusic.com/olzetv. Guest of the fifth episode is Morgan, controversial and brilliant artist.

With “Shine In Venice”, OlzeMusic presents a series of appointments talking about the art music, through a TV series that is the perfect combination of eclectic musical realities and the Venetian cultural context that becomes the ideal setting, both for its history and for the wonderful locations. The conductor of the format is the multifaceted artist NUMA ECHOS, who in this fifth episode will host MarcoMorgan” Castoldi who will perform in the location Palazzetto Pisani.

After the first episodes with Gianluca De Rubertis, In.Visible and the Il Re del Pick-Up, a new episode of “SHINE IN VENICE” will be available on Olze TV every 15th of the month and many Italian artists will be involved: prominent musicians who will tell their stories and will perform in historical venues of the capital of Veneto, giving the opportunity not only to the artists to return to play live after a long time, but also to the locations to return to turn on the lights on their stages. Many different local realities are involved, such as “Radio Vanessa”, “La Botega dell’Heléna – secondhand & artigianato” and “Palmira Creazioni” that will take care of Numa Echos outfits.