Sexto Lounge’s pre and post-concert super DJsets: Numa Echos at SEXTO ‘NPLUGGED 2023 with King Hannah, Sunmei and Verdena

Sexto ‘Nplugged is the music festival held in summer in Sesto al Reghena, in the Pordenone area, in one of Italy’s most beautiful villages.

Founded in 2006 by Associazione Culturale Sexto, it takes place in the square of an evocative 8th-century abbey complex. Sexto ‘Nplugged, between intimacy and sound experimentation, wants to take alternative, but not opposing, paths with respect to the place where it takes place; avant-garde artists of different cultural backgrounds adapt their repertoire, and also the place is shaped on the artist himself, resulting itself amplifier of emotions towards the listening audience. Within the festival there will be the widespread artistic interventions with the artists of Sexto Art Lovers and the super female pre- and post-concert DJ sets of Sexto Lounge, an open-air lounge located in Piazzetta Burovich. One of the selected DJs, Numa Echos, will offer her musical selection on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 pre and post concerts of King Hannah, Sunmei and Verdena. A kaleidoscope of sounds audible or perceptible by the unconscious, able to catalyze the most restless and rebellious souls leading them unconsciously to their own emotional and dreamlike world. Deep, bright or melancholically dark sonorities capable of vibrating you by making your body and soul dance from dusk to your own personal dawn.


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