Numa Echos act in “AquaGranda” – Roberto Bianchin’s story at Ateneo Veneto in Venice

On Friday, November 03, 2023 at 6 p.m. in the Aula Magna of the Ateneo Veneto in Venice, the play “Aquagranda” will be staged. “Aquagranda” is a text born as a historical novel in 1996 from the pen of Roberto Bianchin and transformed over the years into an opera – with music by Filippo Perocco and directed by Damiano Michieletto – for the opening of the 2016-2017 season of the Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice, and then into a theater-song show, staged in Pellestrina, Milan and Elba Island.
The version being presented at the Ateneo Veneto is a contemporary form of the ancient Venetian momarìe: a mixed performance of theater, live music, sets and special effects, which in this case are represented by images and footage of the 1966 flood.
Like the novel from which it originates, the play is set on the island of Pellestrina and stars real people who suddenly find themselves in desperate great danger when the waves of the sea overwhelm the ancient defenses and submerge the land. It is a tale of courage and hope that, while remaining true to the event, becomes symbolic of the fate of our city and our present.


Roberto Bianchin, Luca Colferai, Luca Costantini, Numa Echos, Ludovica Rubin, Anna Santini, Federica Zagatti Wolf-Ferrari
Tatiana Meira De Aguiar
, soprano
Roberta Paroletti, piano
Music direction by Isidoro Prati
Costumes by Nicoletta Lucerna
Directed by Roberto Bianchin
Organized by Luca Colferai

Greeting by Antonella Magaraggia, Ateneo Veneto President