Numa Echos, polyartist, moves between poetry, music, cinema, theatre, art photography and painting. After actively interacting with the sports world as a professional cyclist and with the “fashion” world, while still maintaining an alternative, excessive and counter-trend spirit, she has cultivated musical studies and still continues her research in the field of music.

Numa Echos is also a literary author having published several books and participated in the creation of several anthologies, often collaborating with the great journalist and thriller writer Andrea G. Pinketts. She made the short film “Sogni di Lucida-Mente: allusioni e rivelazioni di un io follemente sano” based on one of her books in which she is an actress, director, screenwriter and composer of the soundtracks and conducts her own music format “Shine in Venice” on OlzeTv powered by Sky hosting artists of excellence in the Italian music scene. She is active as art director, composer, singer and instrumentalist with her own live shows, opening act shows for other nationally and internationally renowned artists and as Dj whose selections are characterized by audible sounds and not, danceable rhythms and melancholy dark, trying to catalyze more restless and rebellious souls, leading them unknowingly to their creatively crazy world. She has participated to various music festivals and realizes and hosts radio programs on national stations.

In 2011, in collaboration with her artistic producer and arranger Filippo Scrimizzi, Numa Echos starts the pre-production of her first official album “Shady World”, released in fall 2016 by Valery Records, a project characterized by rock, dark, industrial, trip-hop, metal and new wave influences, within which she is vocalist, keyboardist, lyricist and co-composer of the music. The collaboration will continue over the years realizing several musical projects.

Numa Echos is an official member since June 2017 of the band “Double Bass of Death,” a project with Heavy Metal, Metal Core and Industrial influences in which they question the system. The band released two albums whose videos have received particular interest, obtaining more than 300,000 views on the “youtube” channel.

The new official album “Descending Consciousness”, entirely written and produced by Numa Echos and Filippo Scrimizzi at Sub 711 Studio in Milan, while maintaining the characteristic elements of Numa Echos‘s productions ranging from rock to dark, from industrial to trip-hop trespassing between metal and new wave, are presented in a more graceful guise, leaving more space for electronics and melody, thus emphasizing the dark and melancholic sounds, sometimes with fast-paced rhythms, and the depth of the lyrics that tell the nocturnal world of Numa Echos, the “noir” world that surrounds her and a questionable society often lacking ethical and artistic conscience with which she has to clash. The Lp includes ten unreleased tracks including a featuring with Red Zebra, a historic Belgian post-punk band, and its exponent Peter Slabbynck.

Descending Consciousness” will be released on 3rd November, 2023  by the leading independent alternative label in Brazil “Wave Records“, it will be digitally distributed by DigDis and Believe Music on 240 countries, and physically by Audioglobe (Worldwide) and Young & Cold (Germany).