Her voice is the accent that makes sense to a twisted tangle of sounds, the cry of a soul that gives irate and demands passion, the search of contentment escaping, running distractedly, flowing into the bodies of the listener .
She has cultivated musical studies and she has participated to various music festivals and independent rock radio programs.
He has created an English music project of rock-electronic music with dark, industrial, trip-hop, metal and new wave influences, in which she is singer, keyboar player, lyricist and co-composer in collaboration with artistic producer and arranger Filippo Scrimizzi.
She works as art director, singer and instrumentalist (keyboards, synths), with “her own live shows” and “opening act shows” for other artists (Morgan, Fluon, Quintorigo, etc.), and DJ whose selections are characterized by audible sounds and not, danceable rhythms and melancholy dark, trying to catalyze more restless and rebellious souls, leading them unknowingly to their creatively crazy world.
One of her tracks “Immaterial Needs” was selected by website as the most interesting song among more than 15,000 proposals in October 2011 and as sound track of Banca Intesa (Web site).
She was also selected as semi-finalist of the AREZZO WAVE FESTIVAL competition in spring 2010, 2012 and 2014.


The first official LP “SHADY WORLD” has been completely written and produced by NUMA ECHOS and Filippo Scrimizzi, recorded and mixed at “Fonologie Monzesi” studios, “Frequenze Studio” and “Sub 711” between Monza and Milano, by Massimo Faggioni, Matteo Agosti, Filippo Scrimizzi and Numa Echos.
It was mastered by Giovanni Versari at La Maestà Mastering in Faenza (Muse etc.)


1. Is but a shady world 4.26 2. Acid Streams 4.17
3. Immaterial needs 5.07
4. Re-search 6.05
5. Insanity 4.30
6. Rainbows 3.42
7. Loosing my senses 4.38
8. Escaping from Lightness 5.29 9. Empty 6.50
10. Rebel yell ( Billy Idol) 4.42


• INSANITY – directed by Fabrizio Rossetti ( Tre metri sopra il cielo, Questo piccolo grande amore, Ho voglia di te etc..) – Girl In Suitcase Indie Film & Music Production
• IS BUT SHADY IS A WORLD – directed by Max Valerio – Cinetika Studio


NUMA ECHOS plays live with guitar bass player Andrea Celato, guitar player Pietro Dalmasso and drummer Francesco Rivabene.