SHINE IN VENICE – New audiovisual cultural project of NUMA ECHOS on Music and Venice on air from May 15, 2021 on Olze TV powered by Sky

The musical format “SHINE IN VENICE” is a new audiovisual cultural project by NUMA ECHOS, a series that aims to get out of the world of urban and rap music, very popular in this historical period; it is the perfect combination of eclectic musical realities and the Venetian cultural context that becomes the ideal setting in this period, both for its history and wonderful locations, for its post-Covid relaunch, and for the use of Venice for recent television productions.

“SHINE IN VENICE” is based on the fundamental concept “Venice and Music” and focuses on art music, on the use of particularly artistic locations and on the interaction between the two elements.

The distribution will take place on the new platform “OLZEMUSIC TV” powered by “SKY”, designed in the style of Infinity, Netflix, and Tim Vision on which you will find only audiovisual, documentaries, TV series, in-depth programs, contests etc.. of musical themes and will be available both on the internet and on an application. Sky’s partners who manage the platform and advertising will be YouTube, Wikipedia, Google Partners and Olzemusic while the artistic direction is entrusted to Chiesa & Partners.

“SHINE IN VENICE” will be available on a monthly basis starting on May 15, 2021. Many Italian artists are involved, prominent musicians who will tell their stories and perform with a concert within the limits of Covid. Different local realities are also involved, including “La Botega dell’Heléna – secondhand & craftsmanship” and “Palmira Creazioni” that will take care of the outfits of Numa Echos, Radio Vanessa and Bacaro Risorto.

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