BiciNuragica is back – VII edition of the Emilio Lussu Award Festival Preview

From 1st to 8th August 2021, after a break of five years, the cyclopoetic event “BiciNuragica – Poetry 2021” is back.┬áSardinia as a slow journey, writing, voice, music, art, culture, territory, traditions and beyond … now in its fifth edition.┬áThe event is organized by the Cultural Association L’Alambicco, with the support of the Region of Sardinia and the patronage of the municipalities involved in the tour, and is included in the previews of the VII edition of the Emilio Lussu Award Festival.

The tour will stop in Villaspeciosa (August 1), Monserrato (August 2), San Gavino Monreale (August 3), Assemini (August 4), Tratalias (August 5), Villacidro (August 6), Settimo San Pietro (August 7), Cagliari (August 8). The Bicinuragici 2021 are Ugo Magnanti, Enrico Pietrangeli, Claudia Tifi, Numa Echos, Dona Amati. The artistic direction of the event is by Ugo Magnanti while Numa Echos will present the event. As per tradition, many Sardinian poets and artists will participate in the various evening encounters, whose names will soon be announced, together with the times and places of the event.

The event is dedicated to the memory of Andrea Olla, Sardinian cyclist and environmentalist, recently deceased, and one of the most convinced supporters of BicNuragica.